Field Service USA 2016 (past event)

April 25 - 28, 2016


Performance Workshop Day

08:00 - 08:55 Continental Breakfast & Registration

09:00 - 09:05 Ice Breaker

• Identifying life expectancies and determining where it makes sense to invest resources
• Ensuring customers take advantage of preventative maintenance to optimize equipment performance
• Establishing action plans for each customer and each major piece of equipment


Andrew Kovach

Vice President US Life Cycle Services


Pasha Arshadi

Vice President of Service Solutions
Quest International

Sanjay Ahuja

Sr. Director, Services Business Management & Strategy

In today’s field service environment there is an increasing challenge to lower the cost of service without compromising service quality. One of the biggest expenses is in the cost of the field workforce. We observe many organizations making these critical workforce reduction decisions absent of a consistent methodology. Join us as we discuss a consultative approach using business intelligence to arrive at cost / quality options that are weighted against the business risks.

Anita K. Weissman

Sr. Director, Sales Operations & Business Development
Essintial Enterprise Solutions


Tom York

Essintial Enterprise Solutions

Workshop C

09:05 - 10:10 Tackling The Challenges Of Integrating Global Systems

Workshop D

10:10 - 11:10 Pricing Field Services For Profits – Mastering the Free-to-Fee Transition Wolfgang Ulaga, Research Professor, Center for Services Leadership,Arizona State University
Are you struggling to make the most of pricing your field services? Too many companies miss opportunities of generating more revenues and profits through better pricing of services. More often than not, organizations leave money on the table by providing a host of value-adding services free-of-charge to their customers or by not charging adequately for the value created. In this workshop, Wolfgang first reports on real-life examples of work with companies to turn around free services into profit engines. He then highlights examples of how conscious choices of price presentation formats can substantially raise customers’ willingness-to-pay and help firms capture more value when selling B2B services. Lastly, attendees derive the key success factors best-practice firms need to master when pricing services for profits.

Wolfgang Ulaga

Research Professor, Center for Services Leadership
Arizona State University

Workshop E

10:10 - 11:10 Developing Highly Effective Frontline Leaders Ed DeFraine, Vice President, Customer Care & Vending,Coca-Cola

Ed DeFraine

Vice President, Customer Care & Vending

Workshop F

10:10 - 11:10 The Science of Service David F. McCoy, Director, Technical Service,Ariel Corporation
We all too often reserve “soft skills” and leadership training for those destined for managerial positions when our front line, customer facing representatives likely need it the most. This can be a hard sell because many are technical in nature and abilities and view this kind of training as “fuzzy”. They need to see facts and understand how they can benefit from it. They need to understand the science of service. They need to understand that there is a wiring diagram for humans and how they can use it just like the rest of their tools to enhance the customer experience.

This workshop covers the history and development of the DISC assessment tool, how to inspire interest, and practical applications of the tool in a group setting and exercise.

David F. McCoy

Director, Technical Service
Ariel Corporation

Workshop G

11:10 - 12:10 Benchmarking Your Field Service Maturity Patrice Eberline, Vice President of Customer Transformation,ServiceMax
Many field service organizations know it’s time for a change, but often have trouble building a compelling business case for investment in technology to drive that transformation. We’re here to help! Come learn how you can use your field service organization’s metrics combined with industry-wide data to evaluate if your company should be investing in technology, what the financial impact can be, and what ROI to expect.

Patrice Eberline

Vice President of Customer Transformation

Workshop H

11:10 - 12:10 Going Mobile: Double Your Productivity Without Doubling Time, Money, or Staff Natalie Griffith, Territory Account Manager,ProntoForms Lenny Cumberledge, Director, Field Services,GOJO
Your field service teams collect vital data every day. But more time spent filling out forms means less time spent with customers. Paper-based data collection is sluggish at best, while mobile solutions like ProntoForms allow field techs to swiftly collect and submit complete and error-free digital forms from anywhere in near real time. In this session, we'll be talking with Lenny Cumberledge, Dispenser Services Director at GOJO Industries, about how ProntoForms has doubled the productivity of his field staff. GOJO is the leading global producer of hand hygiene and skin care solutions, servicing professional environments across as an array of industries, including hospitals and factories. Before turning to ProntoForms, for every hour that field techs spent in the field, they spent an hour completing paperwork. GOJO has replaced its sluggish manual data collection processes with an efficient and intuitive mobile solution. This session will also feature a live demo, followed by an opportunity for questions and answers.

Natalie Griffith

Territory Account Manager

Lenny Cumberledge

Director, Field Services

Workshop I

11:10 - 12:10 Mobile Merged Reality and Virtual Presence Workshop Drew Deaton, CEO,Help Lightning

Drew Deaton

Help Lightning

12:10 - 13:10 Lunch

Workshop J

13:10 - 14:10 Soft Skills Training For A Field Service Technical Workforce Richard Lampner, Leadership Training & Development Manager,Cashman Equipment Company
Many companies strive for improving the Customer Experience, and motivating front line personnel. There is an abundance of “awareness” type of material on Customer Experience - however, it is of a universal and general nature. The demanding environment that Field Service personnel work in requires more specific training for soft skills that are appropriate for Field Service. In addition, soft skills don’t come naturally to a technical workforce – but successful methods can be defined – and structured soft skills and performance related training can be developed. Discussion includes:
• Soft skills require practice, in order for the personnel to apply them “in their own words”, and style.
• A lecture format by an instructor does not develop skills – Caterpillar has devised a method which causes all participants to practice, and demonstrate skills – in the class room environment – with participants helping one another.
• Training to a specific “standard operating practice” for each customer touch point, such as: customer call-in; communication prior to arrival; arrival at customer site; communication during repair; follow up after repair.
• Seeing service thru the customer’s eyes (prevents a myopic and one sided view of the customer interaction). Accepting personal responsibility to manage negative customer situations. Verbal skills for dealing with irate customers.
Discussion topics for the workgroup session include:
• What are some of your critical customer touch points that require better soft skills by the technician?
• How much soft skills training, or other customer interaction skills training has your company done in the past? Plan or desire to do, in the future?
• Considering your technicians skills, behaviors: what type of learning processes would make soft skills training effective: on line, self-learning? Classroom, lecture style presentations? Classroom, participative learning (role playing, skills practice / skills demonstrating?)

Richard Lampner

Leadership Training & Development Manager
Cashman Equipment Company

Workshop K

13:10 - 14:10 Improved Service Utilization Through Predictive/Preemptive (Big Data) Analytics Martin Rogers, Vice President Customer Support & Services,Enphase Energy
In this workshop you’ll hear how Enphase has improved their overall service performance by becoming more predictive in managing their customer support. Walk away with an understanding of what ‘Big Data’ you should be looking at in your own organization and how you can apply techniques to become more predictive in supporting your customers’ needs. The workshop concludes with group discussions on how you can apply these techniques at your organization and how it can improve your utilization rates.

Martin Rogers

Vice President Customer Support & Services
Enphase Energy

Workshop L

13:10 - 14:10 Outcome Based Learning: Roadmaps to Enable Partner and Customer Success Terena King-Campagna, Senior Advisor, Global Knowledge Solutions,Ciena Julianne Hemingway, Senior Director Global Knowledge Solutions,Ciena
As the role of services evolves to drive business outcomes for customers, the landscape of the learning organization is changing. To enable partner and customer success, Ciena is finding new ways to evolve beyond a product learning business model. If you are grappling with disruptive industry trends, join us to identify challenges and share best practices that result in strategic roadmaps toward learning outcomes.

Terena King-Campagna

Senior Advisor, Global Knowledge Solutions


Julianne Hemingway

Senior Director Global Knowledge Solutions

14:10 - 14:50 Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Workshop M

14:50 - 15:55 Connecting your Field Service Operation: People, Places, Things Jeff Morris, Marketing Director,Trimble Field Service Management

Jeff Morris

Marketing Director
Trimble Field Service Management

The contracting global durable goods market is driving manufacturers around the world to explore service-led growth strategies and invest in aftermarket service as a growth driver, a source of rapid bottom line impact and an enabler of superior customer experiences.

This presentation will provide insights into the trends in the global durable goods market and how manufactures are improving service operation throughout their dealer networks. As a result, they are delivering a superior customer experience and continue to remain competitive during these challenging economic times. This information packed session will include real-world insights and experiences on how companies have systematically improved customer experience in their aftermarket service business through their dealer network.


Tony Abouzolof

Head of Sales MEEE and Managing Director
Syncron UK

Workshop L

14:50 - 15:55 Mind the Gaps: Leveraging Field Services to Create Holistic Business Processes and Customer Experiences Rob Simons, Area Vice President,Oracle Field Service Cloud Kayleigh Fitch, Product Manager,Oracle Field Service Cloud
You probably already know that field service management software can be a powerful tool to help you be more efficient and reduce costs in your field operations, meet SLAs more consistently and deliver fantastic service during field appointments. But have you considered how you can leverage your field service operations to transform your broader business – driving valuable insights, new sources of productivity and more holistic experiences across the entire organization?
This workshop will help you identify gaps in your current business strategy – opportunities to creatively leverage field services to create holistic business processes and customer experiences. You’ll learn best practices for leveraging your field force as a transformative resource that can:
• Connect contact center and customer service operations – including knowledge management – directly to field appointments for consistent customer experiences and empowered employees
• Act on data and insights generated by the Internet of Things
• Create more streamlined parts management processes
• Enable better invoicing/billing reconciliation
• Bridge the gap between HR administration, calendar management and the way work actually gets completed
• Act as the linchpin for organization-wide enterprise mobility initiatives

Rob Simons

Area Vice President
Oracle Field Service Cloud


Kayleigh Fitch

Product Manager
Oracle Field Service Cloud

Workshop P

15:55 - 17:00 The Future of Field Service In Mobility and Beyond Piyush Modi, Head of Collaboration & Mobile Labs,GE Global Research
Field service companies are experimenting with customer interfaces and business models similar to Uber’s, where users can request rides and track their requests from their smartphones.
An Uber-like service could support a crowd-sourced model for field services in which a global pool of employees is available on demand and paid based on the work performed. This platform could also be used to analyze an immense amount of data to make better business decisions and provide feedback to customers. In this workshop Piyush discusses his work at GE and provides attendees a glimpse into the not-so-far future of field service. Discussion focuses around the big idea behind this vast network of always-connected smart machines is to simplify customers' lives. When sophisticated sensors and smart algorithms sense problems even before they occur, downtime is minimized. The improved predictability reduces the need to rush through the logistics of procuring parts whenever there is a breakdown. And probably the best part is that service is possible with a single click so that fewer technicians and maintenance engineers can get the work done faster. Additional group discussions focus on:
• Uber-izng business operations
• Easing customers' pain
• Turning technicians into your new sales team
• IT can/will be virtually invisible

Piyush Modi

Head of Collaboration & Mobile Labs
GE Global Research

• Closing skill gaps in field service
• Moving from evaluations to skills closure options
• Ensuring knowledge is not lost

Gail Norris

Director Technical Learning Services


Richard McNamara

PLM Manager


Irving Brown

Innovations Manager

Workshop R

15:55 - 17:00 Making The Most From Service Contract Sales & Renewals Cathy Brewer, Services Marketing Manager,FEI
In this workshop you will hear the 4 keys to commercial service success and discuss with your colleagues what obstacles your organization must overcome to deliver impactful service initiatives. Questions to discuss:

• Is success determined by strategy or execution?
• How should I balance company, competition and customer?
• What is the biggest reason service initiatives fail?
• Who is responsible for creating value?


Cathy Brewer

Services Marketing Manager

17:00 - 23:59 Beer Garden Reception